SM-20 Kitchen Expediting System

SM-20 Kitchen Expediting System

The SM-20 wireless QSR POS Kitchen Expediting System is more than just a kitchen display system that facilitates order processing and expediting. The SM-20 is a robust, high speed, wireless system, which can be used to display orders in various places such as kitchens, carhop/server stations, and drive-thru windows. In a drive-thru window environment with limited counter space, it has the capability of being both a display monitor and payment terminal.

Key features include:

  • Single or multiple column display
  • Color highlighting to separate orders
  • Summary of items by specified products (e.g. qty. burger patties)
  • Easy-to-read large print screen
  • Independent operation fromĀ other monitors
  • Notification of updated/changed orders
  • Operation using either touchscreen or bump bar
  • Drawer Management reporting


SMBB-20 Bump Bar